1943 VIII Corps in European Theater of Operations 1945

1943 VIII Corps in European Theater of Operations 1945



Published May 9th 1945

Size: 21.8" X 55.5"


A rare map of  the European theatre of operations that depicts the battles engaged by the VIII Corps of the United States Army. 

The VIII Corps  was originally organized in November 1918 after the end of the First World War, and demobilized in April the following year.  It was re-activated in October 1940 one year prior to the United States entering World War II in December 1941.

In the Second World War, the VIII Corps was finally made operational as part of the United States First Army when in landed in Normandy on June 15, 1944 under the command of Major General Troy Middleton. 
The map of the VIII Corps in the European theatre of Operations most likely was produced as a commemorative piece for soldiers of the Corps following the Allied victory in the Second World War.

The map depicts the movement of the VIII Corps on the European Continent starting from their base in Southern England to Utah Beach on June 15, 1944 as part of the Normandy Campaign that lasted from June 15 to August 1,1944.

The map also includes the sight of the VIII Corps and Russian Linkup of May 7th, 1945 near the Czechoslovakian border, as well as an image of the restricted memo of May 8th, 1945 from Major General Middleton announcing that the representatives of the German High Command had signed the unconditional surrender of all German Land, Sea, and Air Forces in Europe to the Allied Expeditionary Forces and simultaneously to the Soviet High Command on May 8th 1945.