Air France, Réseau Aérien Mondial.

Air France, Réseau Aérien Mondial.



PUBLISHED 1948, Paris

Size: 33cm X 58cm


A beautiful example of Lucien Boucher’s famous pictorial world map showing the commercial airline routes of Air France.  The map is adorned with an array of wonderful iconography throughout the continents and oceans.
Boucher’s pictorial map, using  a chromolithographic printing technique, is part of a series of world maps, first published in 1934, and printed by Perceval of Paris for Air France.
This particular design, drawn with extended air routes, was initially published as a large format the prior year in 1947.  All of Lucien Boucher’s maps are sought after for their beauty and design highlighting the burgeoning interest and demand for commercial aviation as well as air travel in general.
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