Le Tour du Monde en 120 images, Grand Concours du Chocolat Menier.

Le Tour du Monde en 120 images, Grand Concours du Chocolat Menier.



Published 1956, Paris

Size: 42.5" X 24"

Condition: Slight discolouration at the seems with very minor separation at one of the folds.  Minor foxing.


A nice example of J.B. Jannot’s pictorial map promoting the confectionary company known as Chocolat Menier.
Chocolat Menier, which was founded in 1816 and was known briefly as one of the “leading chocolate makers of the world”, was eventually merged with the Cacao Barry Company in 1960.
Jannot’s pictorial map portrays the world in 120 images that follow a land and sea route from continent to continent.  The pictorial map also includes three insert maps that delineates in greater detail Israel, India and Tibet, as well as the Belgian Congo.
It is also interesting to note that the oceans follow a gradient in terms of a the colour scheme used with lighter shades of blue used as the distance increases from the equator.
The map originally had at the bottom of the image (although not included in the present example) a cutout section where 120 different “tickets” could be appended once collected from different Chocolat Menier products, and then sent to the company to enter a competition.  Also included were three enigmas located near Karatchi, Peshawar and Cuzco that needed to be solved before sending in the tickets.
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