Map of Long Island with the Environs of New-York and the Southern Part of Connecticut...

Map of Long Island with the Environs of New-York and the Southern Part of Connecticut...



Published 1836, New York

Size: 34" X 57.25"


A very rare map of Long Island with insets of New Haven, New Brighton, Tompkinsville, Newark, and a Plan of Brooklyn and Williamsburgh.  This rare wall map is the first state of John Calvin Smith’s famous depiction of Long Island and the surrounding region.  This depiction would later be adopted by other cartographers in their drawing of the area such as those of William Mather in his Geological Map of Long Island of 1842, and in F.W. Beers’ Atlas of Long Island of 1873. 
It has also been argued that “whatever Smith’s sources, the quality and accuracy of his map surpasses all previous mapping of Long Island and, for the first time, presents the island from a sophisticated cartographic perspective.”  Smith’s map would be re-issued in 1844, 1847 and 1854.
 It is also important to note that in 1836, Smith’s map of Long Island, and the landmark map Topographical Map of the City and County of New-York and the adjacent Country… (sometimes referred to Colton’s Map of New York) were the first maps to be published by the famous J.H. Colton Company with the engraver being listed as Stiles & Co. It should be mentioned that John Hutchins Colton had, until the year of this publication, been in the employment with Stiles & Co. since 1833 before starting this new publishing venture.  This venture, of which these early maps helped cement the reputation of the firm for the quality of the work, would in time become one the pre-eminent American publishing houses that focused on emigrant guidebooks and railroad maps.  That being said, it has been stipulated that in the early year’s of the J.H. Colton Company, many of the maps published came from copyrights that were purchased from other cartographers such as those of Stiles & Co. and later from  Stiles, Sherman & Smith.  As such, Colton’s 1839 printing of Western Tourist and Emigrant’s Guide, was another important collaboration with J. Calvin Smith that would further increase the success of the J.H. Colton Company.  Thus, the map of Long Island by J. Calvin Smith, not only is sought after for its beauty and rarity, but offers a rare opportunity to witness the early collaborations and depictions published by the famous J.H. Colton Company.
(Sources: Geographicus.)