Map of the World War Fronts Dated Events.

Map of the World War Fronts Dated Events.



Published 1943, Toronto

Size: 67cm X 51cm

Condition: Minor wear to folds with minor separation at ends in margin.  Pin holes at corners and in margins.


An uncommon and fascinating pictorial map published and copyrighted by C.C. Peterson of Canada highlighting the military contflict between Allied and Axis forces during World War II.   The map depicts the theatre of war from the North Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean including Africa and Australia.  A legend is included which helps locate the different naval bases of the Axis and Allied powers, as well as showing the changes in conquered territory from the beginning of the conflict.
Unlike some of his other pictorial maps, in this example, Turner leaves out all depictions of the locations related to manufacturing, industrial centres or shipbuilding plants.   Rather, Turner’s focus is on the historical and geopolitical aspect of World War II.  The map is strewn with notations showing the different events of the War.  Those related to Allied forces are shown in red, and those associated with Axis powers in black.  Also, historical information related to  different counties are marked in the pertinent locations.  For, example, Turner indicates, for most countries, the date of independence or colonial status.  As such, Singapore will be showed as being purchased from the Sultan of Johore in 1824, and the Dutch East Indies under Dutch control since 1511, Australia’s Commonwealth being proclaimed in 1901, etc.
Completing the maps visual representation are two insert depictions.  One is of a polar projection that indicate the locations of the world’s air ports, and the other insert being of the world using Mercator’s projection.
As with many pictorial maps, the geographical information is secondary to the overall appeal and visual design that nevertheless conveys information.  In this fascinating example, the geopolitical information related to World War II is all encompassing up to the date of publishing.  As a result, Turner indicates that this copy is “the fifth edition of  Dated Events World War Map designed to cover the European invasion wherever the forces of freedom strike.  It carries new dates, names and places of the outstanding events since the war began.”