[Globe Gore of the Atlantic Ocean]

[Globe Gore of the Atlantic Ocean]

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Published Circa 1668

Image Size: 11" X 18"


A beautiful globe gore from one of the 17th century most talented cartographers. The current gore depicts the North Atlantic including parts of North and South America as well as the Caribbean.  The  globe gore is a wonderful example of his 42 inch “Terrestrial Globe” produced in 1688.  This globe has been described as “without rival in the richness of its supplementary illustrative material such as the depiction of the characteristic ships, canoes, and other vessels of the peoples of the earth.”
The work of Coronelli is often deemed important not only for its stylistic virtuosity but also for his depiction of the world using the most up to date information.  As such, Coronelli’s talent was first witnessed when he constructed a globe 5 feet in diameter for the Duke of Parma in 1678.  This work would lead to his being commissioned by Louis XIV to construct a pair of globes in 1681.  This commission would allow him access to important cartographic information from french explorers especially those concerning New France and North America in general. With the completion of these globes, Coronelli’s reputation was cemented, and demand grew for his work.
After his return from France, Coronelli founded the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti, in 1684, the world’s first geographic society, whose function, it is said, was to promote his works.  In 1686 a workshop was set up at the Convent Gloriosa die Frari in Venice with the purpose of producing globes and by 1688, after a second return from France, Coronelli began working on  replicas of his famous Parisian globes.
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