This Map Presents a Bostonian's Idea of the United States of America...

This Map Presents a Bostonian's Idea of the United States of America...



Published 1936, Chicago, Ill.

Size: 16" X 23"


An interesting and comical pictorial map of the United States from the perspective of a Bostonian.  Daniel K. Wallingford’s depiction is a caricature of the United States, as seen from the viewpoint of a Bostonian, with certain geographical elements exaggerated and others non existent at all.  Yet, as is the case with all caricatures, the overall effect still allows for the viewer to recognize the distorted image conveyed. Wallingford’s comical map was originally published in 1936 with four different versions being known.  The different versions relate to the addresses associated with the publishing of the map.  These include Chicago, Boston, New York and Columbia University.  Wallingford’s is also well known for his New Yorker’s View of the United States which was published in 1932, which again satirizes the exaggerated view of the United States but this time from the perspective of a New Yorker. Wallingford’s two maps of New York and of Boston respectively, although comical, also help convey the stereotypes that are sometimes associated with native New Yorkers of Bostonians and their inflated view of the self and their lack, or limited knowledge of the other.  In using humour to describe the stereotypical over inflated view of the self, an endearing quality is nevertheless teased out by the artist’s crafty and fun imagery.